Google Adwords Account Kerry – Set-up and Management

Google Adwords Account Kerry, Get Dicovered OnlineDo you want your website to be the first to return on the Google Search Engine? Do you want more visitors to visit your website and become customers? Then look no further, as, at, that is what we do!

Google Adwords is a service provided by Google which allows you to spend a dedicated amount to promote your business online. If you have ever used Google for a general search you will probably have seen this symbol – – this indicates that an advert has been paid for. You will see that only a few adverts have this symbol and they are all at the top of the page. So, if you want to make sure that your business is at the top of the Search Engine Returns for Google, should you use our service? Well, the correct answer is YES! We have more than 15 years of combined experience using Google Adwords to drive sales to our customers’ online portals.

What we do:

Firstly, we meet you to decide which of your goods or services you wish to promote. We focus on a strategy which puts your goods and services to the forefront and gets them in front of your buying audience.

Secondly, we agree on a budget which you are happy to spend, to see how much Google Adwords can increase your sales. At this stage we may need to make slight changes to your website – these are generally simple text changes.

Thirdly, we use statistics to demonstrate how changes can be made to increase your ROI (Return on Investment) based on the first month and focussed on the next.

Fourthly, we offer a training element so that your own staff can take care of this marketing option themselves.

Alternatively, we can manage your Google Adwords account for a small monthly fee. We charge by the month and do not have to enter into annual contracts and that can save you a lot of money. This leaves you, and your staff, in complete control and saves you money. For instance, if have a Summer Promotion we can run your account for that period and that switch it off until you wish to use it again.

Just give us a call on (123) 443-769-456 to find out more.